Viser indlæg fra september, 2018

New jobs, new home

I own you guys an update. Within the last month, I have sold my horse Troja, I moved to another place, and I got two new jobs. Troja still lives at Fyn, and got sold to a nice lady who work with horses for a living. Now I have only sweet Malik left. I moved out of the student accommodation, RRK, but I still live in Odense, only 10 min. away from where I lived before. My new place is awesome, and I love it! I have 3 roomies, a jacozine, 20m2 bedroom, a big room which functions as a kitchen and living room, horses in the garden, a terrace, and my new place is very close to my horse, Malik. I love my new place so much, and I feel home. It really has that “hygge” atmosphere. I still study at SDU and I am writing my bachelor thesis this semester. But I just got two part-time jobs. I work as a waiter at the restaurant chain “Dalle Valle”, and then I work as a bartender at the pub/disco “Blomsten & Bien”. The main reason why I sold Troja was that I didn’t have time for two horses, but I …