Vanilla dress

Dress: Ganni link. Bag: Andcopenhagen link. Shoes: Second hand.

This is my new favorite bag! I love it so much! It’s black so it fits with everything, and it has the right size so I can bring my big phone, keys and wallet. These lovely high heels are from a second hand shop that I bought in Copenhagen when I was visiting my good friend Laura. I paid 78 DKK for the high heels, and they are my new favorite heels! I just don’t know if they are too small yet, I need to walk some more in them first to see if they actually fit perfectly. It’s no secret that I love second hand, and I always get out with something when I leave the shop. When I was in Copenhagen for some few days, it was to visit my good friend Laura and to see her new student accommodation. We went shopping, went to museum, went with the guiding ship at the channel, took some walks, baked chocolate cake and watched horror movies. She is one of my best friends, and it was so great to see her again. 


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