Second Hand

Sweater, skirt & shirt: Second hand. Shoes: Nelly.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of second hand clothes. I love to look in second hand shops and find some “gold” among the trash. I like the idea to wear something that no one else have. It’s so easy to find something cool and pretty in a shop with new productions, and everyone else can just buy the same. Furthermore, it’s good for the environment to recycle, instead of throwing out or destroying something that could be reused. I know that a lot of people think that second hand clothing is disgusting, but the clothes has been cleaned before they sell it, and as long as you don’t buy shoes or underwear, I really don’t understand this attitude. My black sweater is from a second hand shop from Lolland, and the skirt and shirt are from a second hand shop in Lyon. I think the clothes looks new and it’s in good condition, and I like that I have some small stories behind my wardrobe. Actually, many of my favorite clothes are from second hand shops. What about you guys? Do you like or dislike second hand clothes? 


  1. Det her outfit er altså også bare fedt! Mega fedt at du fandt skjorten i frankrig :)


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