Viser indlæg fra marts, 2017

A real Parisian chic

Jeanne Damas started as a French blogger, and later became a model due to her success. She is known for her French street style, and for a Parisian chic who takes new trends and wear them in a classic Parisian way. So if you wonder how a real Parisian chic wears it, check her Instagram: @jeannedamas

You can also check @sabinasocol who is another of my favorite Parisian chic.


I went to London for the first time this week from Thursday to Sunday. I went with my good friend Patricia and some friends of her. It wasn’t raining that much, and I liked the city, especially the Oxford Street and Madame Tussauds. Something I don’t understand is why the discos opens and closes so early. Of course, you can find discos that closes around 6 pm, but most of the discos closes at 3 am. We didn’t have that many days to experience London, but I enjoyed the trip.